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    Jiangxi Ding Feng Glassware is a private enterprise focused on glassware producing and trading, integrated with mine excavating, glass and ceramic original material processing, elaborate processing of glassware, etc. The company was established on April, 2001, located in the industrial park of Yifeng, total investigation is 410 million RMB. We now have 1200 staffs in total, yearly production is 50,000 tons. We own 15 producing lines of leading daily use glassware, 10 original processing lines and 7 subsequent processing lines. We have also set 4 sub-office at home and abroad. Our products including 6 main series which are whitening, high white, abnormal-shaped glassware, bottle and jugs, infusion bottle, decal, electroplate, etc. We are the only daily use glassware trading company in Jiangxi province who has independent export rights. Besides, we have the best layout, largest scale, most diverse products, highest quality, most powerful and creative daily use glassware producing company in Jiangxi. We had a total sales revenue of 227.9 million RMB.

    Ding Feng company used to be honored as the province's advanced non-public enterprises, the provincial credit enterprise, the provincial excellent enterprise, the province's a-class tax credit enterprise, the provincial agricultural bank system AA + credit customer, advanced private enterprise in the city, the city's private enterprises to pay taxes, etc. CEO Zhang Qiangjin won the title of the provincial model worker, the provincial excellent managers (factory director), top leaders to support the new rural construction in the province, the city's outstanding communist party member, the city's top ten members business model, the city's outstanding entrepreneur. Besides, he was also elected as the Party representative of Yichun city twice, npc member twice, Standing Committee of Yifeng county three times.